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Narrator: Rina was losing consciousness by the second, as were Jet, Marcus, and Damian.  As they looked back at the cave, all they saw was a bright orange light.

  (Moments earlier inside of the cave...)

Narrator: Andrew had created a vortex of wind, thrusting everyone towards the edges of the cave.  Jet, Damian, Marcus, and Rina were launched out the mouth of the cave.  Talya, Katia, and Megaera ended up in a different wing of the cave.  Larisa, Al, and Natsuki stood pinned against the wall.

Andrew: Flora, your sacrifice failed! (He scolded, being certain not to hit her too hard with the wind.) Not surprising; I knew that girl was too weak.

Flora: On the contrary, our master has fed well, drained the girl of her powers.

Regulus: Flora! (He grabbed her wrist.) You don't have to do this!

Flora: Let go of me!  Or maybe I'll use YOU as our sacrifice?

Larisa: Enough! (She motioned her arms in an attempt to summon water, however she was in too weak of a condition.)

Al: Here, let me. (He leaned forward with ease and extended his arms; flames began to appear.)

Natsuki: Are you crazy!? (He quickly transformed into a dragon.)

Andrew: What in the world--

Narrator: The cave filled with flames, engulfing everyone in it.  Andrew's wind only seemed to strengthen the fire.  The oxygen levels were continually dropping...

  (Outside of the cave...)

Damian: Fire!

Rina: Our friends are in there, we have to go back inside.

Jet: And get barbecued?

Rina: We have to do something.  Larisa...she's still in there.

Marcus: Enough talking, let's get moving! (He raced back into the cave.) There are two head counsellors from Camp Jupiter in there, come on Phillip!

Phillip: (He didn't let go of Phyllis.) I am not leaving her.

Marcus: Fine then. (He continued running back into the cave, ignoring the flames.)

Jet: We really shouldn't let him go in there by himself.

Damian: But what about the fire?  From what I understand, none of us are fire proof.

Rina: Maybe children of the sun are heat resistant?  Only one way to find out, plus the flames appear to be subsiding anyways. (She ran in after Marcus; Jet and Damian were not far behind.)

Narrator: The flames had partially subsided by the time Damian, Jet, and Rina entered the cave.  Larisa, Talya, Megaera, and Katia were nowhere to be seen.  Andrew and Ouranos were out of sight as well.  Al fell to his knees, weak from an excessive use of his powers.  Natsuki the dragon was curled up alongside the rock wall of the cave as to best protect himself from the flames.  Flora and Regulus were in a deplorable state.

Damian: Where is everyone? (He could barely look at Flora and Regulus.) What happened to them?

Rina: (She knelt down beside the two, hesitantly, and put her fingers to Flora's neck.) No pulse. (She managed to say.  She checked Regulus then shook her head, unable to speak.)

Jet: Maybe Regulus tried to pull her out but she wouldn't go with them and they were both caught in the flames?

Al: That may as well be what happened.  Agh! (He tried to stand but was unable.)

Damian: Where are the others?

Al: Some of the girls flew that way. (He pointed to a hall on the left side of the cave.) I think I saw Marcus go in there.

Natsuki: You idiot, you could have killed us all! (He remained in dragon form.)

Al: What else was I supposed to do?

Rina: Where is Larisa?

Al: She's... (He looked over to where Natsuki was curled next to the wall.) She was right there!

Natsuki: She is going to be alright. (He unfolded his burgundy dragon wings to reveal Larisa, barely conscious.)

Rina: Larisa! (She practically flew over to hug her.) You're alright!

Larisa: Can't. Breathe.

Rina: (She let go.) Sorry.

Al: I...I'm so sorry...for setting the cave on fire...

Jet: How are you feeling?

Larisa: I'll live.  No thanks to a certain someone.  Thanks Natsuki, by the way. (She got up, coughing a little.) Where are the others?  And the prophecy?  What happened to Ouranos?

Al: The prophecy is in my back pocket.

Damian: We're still trying to piece everything together.

Rina: Regulus and Flora...they didn't make it.

Marcus: (His voice came from the hall Talya, Megaera, and Katia were supposed to be in.) Guys!  Help!

Larisa: Jet, Damian, you two should go. (They obeyed as Rina helped Larisa to walk.  Natsuki returned to his normal form.) We should go wait for them outside.

Rina: Phillip should be able to help you once we get out.


Narrator: Rocks crumbled from the ceiling above Marcus, creating a skylight.  Andrew flew through the opening.  Talya got up and stood directly beneath the hole.

Talya: Get back here, coward!

Jet: (He bent down to help Marcus out of the stones and rubble.) You alright?

Marcus: Yeah, thanks.

Damian: I think I have a clear shot at him. (He aimed his bow out of the hole.)

Katia: Then shoot him!

Jet: No, wait! (He grabbed Damian's arm.) Look at what he's carrying.  Or rather, WHO he's carrying.

Katia: Meg!

Damian: I can still get him.

Marcus: But then they'd both fall to the ground.

Damian: Fine. (He lowered his bow, unhappy.) We should get out of here.  Maybe Natsuki can catch up to him? (Damian tried to sound confident, but was unconvinced himself.)

Narrator: With that, they left.

  (Just outside of the cave...)

Rina: Phillip, we need a medic!  Please, come quick!

Narrator: Phillip turned to see Larisa supported by Rina's shoulder, as well as Al carrying Regulus and Natsuki carrying Flora.  Al and Natsuki laid the two bodies in the snow in front of Phillip.

Phillip: What--what happened?

Al: I kinda started a fire in the cave back there...

Larisa: That would be putting it lightly.

Rina: Ha, nice play on words there.

Larisa: What? Oh, light, I get it but now is not the time for jokes.  Phillip, is there anything you can do for them?

Phillip: (Pause.) No, I'm sorry, they are beyond my help.  If they still had a pulse, them maybe, but it's too late. (He turned to his sister.)

Phyllis: (Her voice was weak.) Flora and Regulus, they're--

Al: Not with us anymore. (He noticed a tear roll down Phyllis' cheek.)

Larisa: (She knelt down and hugged Phyllis.) I am so sorry.

Narrator: Just then, Natsuki noticed Jet, Damian, Marcus, Talya, and Katia emerging from the cave.  Marcus and Talya had multiple bruises and cuts all over them, Katia's left arm was rather beaten up as well.

Al: (To Marcus) You look like you've seen better days.

Marcus: Yeah, because you look SO much better. (He rolled his eyes.)

Larisa: Where is Megaera?

Katia: He...he took her.  Andrew flew away with her.  They're probably long gone my now...

Talya: (She noticed the two bodies in the snow.) Flora...Regulus... (She quickly wiped away a couple tears, determined not to let her emotions show.) I know Flora was the enemy, but both of them were among the legionnaires from my camp. (She looked at Regulus.) He should never have come.

Phillip: (He reached up from where he sat and took Talya's hand.) It isn't your fault.  There is nothing that could have been done. (Talya pulled her hand away.)

Jet: Guys...we have company.

Narrator: Everyone looked to the road once again--it was the pale Japanese lady once again, Yuki Onna.

Natsuki: (He stood in front of the group, defensively.) Leave us alone, can't you see we're busy here? (He drew his sais and took on a fighting stance.) Stay away!  In the name of Camp Kami-Sama, I'm warning you--

Rina: Cool it, Natsuki!

Larisa: (To Yuki Onna) You may approach us.

Narrator: No one knew quite why Larisa allowed Yuki Onna to come near them, but deep down inside of her, Larisa's instincts told her that Yuki Onna meant them no harm.  Yuki Onna moved towards Regulus and Flora, making no sound.  Her movements were serene, graceful, and captivating.  She hardly left a footprint in the snow.  Yuki Onna reached down to touch Regulus' hand.

Talya: What are you--

Katia: It will be fine, look.

Narrator: As Yuki Onna touched Regulus, he became coated in a thin layer of ice.  The ice gradually spread across the rest of his body, becoming thicker and taking on a crystallized appearance as time progressed.  The same thing occurred after Yuki Onna touched Flora's forehead.

Rina: Cryostasis?

Talya: Now they can rest peacefully.

Larisa: Thank you, Yuki Onna. (Yuki Onna acknowledged her then vanished.  Larisa turned to the rest of the group.) Let's go home, guys.

Jet: How are we going to do that?

Rina: (In a faked Irish accent) We fly, of course!
Demigod Secret - Chapter XXXII
So, finally finished Chapter 32!  So, yeah, that's pretty much the end of the battle.  Hope ya like the story so far! :) Chapter 33 shoud be posted this weekend assuming my professors don't bombard me with homework! =P

All characters (c) Me

Link to previous chapter:…
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Ohmigosh!  I swear I'm ALMOST DONE typing chapter 32 of my fanfic!  Then all I'll have to do is add the coding, yay! *sarcasm* (coding for italics is SUCH a pain!)

And I'm practically done writing chapter 33--if I can keep up the momentum here, then maybe chapter 33 will be posted pretty soon too! ;)

Have a nice day, all! :)
Umbreon and Espeon Art Trade by Artemis015
Umbreon and Espeon Art Trade
Voila, the finished product!  It mightbe hard to tel in the picture but within the sun and the moon are little white and yelow suns and stars.:)
  • Listening to: The sound my refrigerator makes...
  • Reading: Game of Thrones
  • Eating: Frosted Flakes
  • Drinking: Tea!!!
Ohmigosh!  I swear I'm ALMOST DONE typing chapter 32 of my fanfic!  Then all I'll have to do is add the coding, yay! *sarcasm* (coding for italics is SUCH a pain!)

And I'm practically done writing chapter 33--if I can keep up the momentum here, then maybe chapter 33 will be posted pretty soon too! ;)

Have a nice day, all! :)

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