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So, I accidentally didn't log onto deviantart since last summer I think it was--this hiatus was completely unplanned and I deeply apologize for this.  I'll try to get back to uploading regularly now that I have various spares this term in university.
Demigod Secret Chapter Icon V1 by Artemis015
Demigod Secret Chapter Icon V1
So I decided that instead of having a character bio as the icon for every chapter I'd instead like to have just one icon for the whole thing.  This icon is only going to be temporary--I'd like to, shall I say, "refine" it sometime.  But for now, this will do! (lol, it's actually just the icon I made for my group :icondemigodsecret:
Narrator: Al was floating, which was abnormal since his powers, in no way, involved flying.   Amused by this, he began doing somersaults and cartwheels in mid-air, above an endless desert below.  It was then that he caught sight of a girl with short brown hair, a boy with dark brown hair, and a girl with black pigtail braids.  He recognized them immediately.

Al: Larisa, my love, what in the name of the gods are you doing down there?  Where are we?

Narrator:  He called out to her, but she couldn't hear him, despite the fact that he was yelling at the top of his lungs and he was directly above her.  He tried again.

Al: Larisa!  Jet!  Rina!  Larisa, ma belle!  Hello?

Narrator:  Larisa still couldn't hear him; neither could Jet or Rina.

Larisa: (She turned to Jet.) I think we lost them.  (She was breathing heavily as though they'd just been running away from something…or someone.  Her forehead sweated a little.)

Jet: Actually, I think we lost us; where are we?

Al: Good question.  (He thought to himself, then he called out to his girlfriend.)  Hello?  Oh, beautiful goddess below, does thou knoweth where thou be-ith?

Rina: I think... (She looked around quickly.) we might be in Egypt.  Can we visit the temple of Isis?  Or the Great Sphinx?  Or the Pyramids of Giza?  Or—

Larisa: (She unintentionally cut her off.) But what if that stupid manticore comes back?  We left our weapons back at Camp... (Al twitched at the mention of the word "camp") ... We're defenseless!

Rina: No we're not!  We still have our powers!  Well, I mean you have your powers; Jet and I still haven't figured out what it is we can do...

Jet: Yeah, you can just summon some water and then... (He looked around but saw no water, only sand.)

Larisa: Yeah, water in the desert, great idea!

Al: (He thought to himself.) Summon water?  Larisa can't summon water; that's impossible!  The only people who can summon anything are Gods, Monsters, and Demigods like me!  But, wait, this could mean only one thing... (He blinked hard, staring at Larisa.) She's a daughter of Neptune!  (he cursed to himself in Latin). Oh boy—whoops, I mean girl—that is a REALLY bad omen!

Narrator: Just then, a sand dune exploded.  Al turned quickly at the sound of the noise and saw that a manticore had appeared from within the sand.  The beast's ugly man's head, lion's body and spiked tail had Al fearful for his girlfriend's safety (he could've cared less about Jet and Rina)

Al: (He panicked and did not know what to do.) Don't worry love, your boyfriend's coming to rescue you!

Narrator: Al "flew" in the direction of his beloved, when all of a sudden he noticed a cloud floating above him.  But this was no ordinary cloud.  No, it was far from ordinary... it was in the shape of a pizza!  And then, the cloud transformed into a super-jumbo-sized super-ultre-delux-triple-cheese-pepperoni PIZZA!!

Al: (His stomach growled and he began to drool a bit.) Pizzzzaaaaaaaaa......

Narrator: Just then, a miniature version of Venus, the Roman goddess of love and beauty, appeared on Al's left shoulder.  He could tell who she was immediately due to her captivating beauty and her magic girdle.

Venus: (She spoke in a harsher, more demanding tone than Al had anticipated.)  Forget about pizza!  Go save your lovely lady, Larisa!

Al:  (He shook his head back and forth, forgetting about food.  His hunger, he figured, had subsided) Right!

Narrator:  Just then, another miniature deity prepared on Al's right shoulder.  The man had a dark beard, a purple toga, and a leopard-skin "cape", and he was carrying a goblet of wine.  It was Bacchus; the Roman god of wine, food and parties.

Bacchus: (He pointed to the pizza; there was a disapproving look on his face.) Forget about the girl, your stomach says to eat; SO EAT IT!

Al: Well, I—

Venus: Leave him alone, wine dude!  Can't you see he's a little busy right now?  Hello, he's about to perform a chivalrous act out of love!

Bacchus: (He folded his arms and turned away.) But c'mon, it's pizza!

Al: (horrified) I never thought I'd have to choose between the love of my life and pizza!  How do I pick!?

Venus: Quit with your whining!  Do you want her to die? (She scoffed.) Geez... men!

Bacchus: (He pointed to Larisa and her friends.) Look at her; she'll be fine!  She's got her trident and her two demigod friends; that manticore doesn't stand a chance against—

Narrator: Al flicked both gods off his shoulders, they both evaporated in a puff of gold dust, then he "flew" down to his girlfriend.  He pulled out his spatha and swung it at the manticore... And missed!

Al: (He froze in disbelief) What in the name of the gods?  I had it perfectly aimed at the monster's back, but then my spatha just went right through him…am I a ghost?

Larisa: Hiyaaaaah!  (She had gathered some water from what little moisture there was in the air and stabbed at the beast; it began to dissolve, but then quickly reformed itself in its human form.  Larisa frowned as she recognized him) Jeff!  I should've seen it sooner; you're just as ugly as your brother!  Why you—

Narrator: Larisa didn't have the chance to finish her sentence; Jeff threw a punch at her.  Luckily, she rolled out of the way just in time.

Jet: I think we should run; for some reason they just won't die!

Narrator:  Al was confused; his best friend was a manticore?  How did he not see it sooner?

Al: I am the worst boyfriend ever; I left my girlfriend with a monster!

Narrator: Just then, the sand beneath Larisa, Jet and Rina began to swirl and became moist.  From atop, it looked kind of like the eye of a tornado.

Larisa: What is this? (Her feet began to sink.)

Jet: We're sinking!  Argh!

Rina: ( She struggled to free herself.) I think it's quick sand!

Larisa: We have to get out of here! (By then, she was up to her knees in sand.  She pointed her palms towards the sand and successfully extracted a small amount of liquid; about enough to fill a normal drinking cup.)

Jeff: Struggling is useless.  You'll only sink faster. (He taunted them.)

Larisa: (The quick sand was at her hips.  She managed to control a small amount of water which she'd transformed into a whip-shape) If we die, I'm going to kill you Jeff!

Jeff: Don't worry, we're not gonna kill you... (He smirked.)...not yet.

Jet: Who's "we"?

Jeff: (He closed his eyes and grinned an evil grin.) Our master doesn't want you dead.  He needs you for something else.  You are mere tools.

Narrator: Al attempted to tackle Jeff and push him into the "quick sand"... which backfired.  He fell through Jeff and went head-first into the ground, swallowed by the "quick sand", and he couldn't see anything; it was all black.

Al: (He cursed to himself.) Darn!  That was such a fail, and I didn't even get any PIZZA!  And now I'm drowning in quicksand... wait, then why am I still breathing?

Narrator:  Just then, a large fire-breathing giant appeared in front of him.  His whole body radiated heat, his voice was deep and slightly muffled by the flames.  He wore a toga, and had a pale brown beard (kind of like Gandalf's from Lord of the Rings).

Al: Holy cow!

Large Fire-Breathing Giant: (offended) Now is that any way to greet your father?  Do I look like a cow?

Al: (He kicked Cacus' big toe, which was about the height of his knees.) Sixteen years and now you decide to show up!?

Cacus: (He picked Al up by the waist.) Hmmm... (He examined his son.) I thought you'd be more, well, meatier... I suppose that' because I was in miniature “mist” form when I met your mother, but still; you're tiny!

Al: Cacus!  Dad!  What's going on?  What happened to my girlfriend? And—

Cacus: Oh, sorry son, how inconsiderate of me!  I never taught you how to court a woman!  Well, first you compliment her, and then you kill anyone who might pose a threat to her, and then you buy her tons of gift, I find jewelry and flowers work nicely, and then—

Al: Dad! (He whined.)  First of all, those tactics sound SO old-fashioned.  Secondly, will you just tell me what is going on?  Just answer my questions!

Narrator: Cacus breathed on his son, flames engulfing the poor boy (but, of course, he was unharmed).

Al: Geez, you have bad breath!  Ever heard of Listerine?

Cacus: Rule no. 1: say please.  Rule no. 2: do not insult me.  Insulting a giant is a big mistake!  (Cacus began to vanish, dropping his son.)

Al: Dad, wait! (He wailed as he fell spiraling to the darkness.)

Narrator: Al awoke and found himself in shackles next to Phillip and Talya.  The Gray Sisters's Taxi was nowhere to be seen.  They appeared to be in a prison of some sort, a very old one.

Al: Where am I?  (He asked Phillip and Talya who were both unconscious as well.) Talya!  Talya, wake up! (Talya blinked and rubbed her eyes.)

Talya: Huh, where are we?

Al: I had a dream—well, it was more of a nightmare... Jeff is evil!  Forget going back to San Francisco!

Talya: You just figured that out! Well, it's kind of late.  Jeff and his pal, Ty, used some kind of magic dust, courtesy of Morpheus, that put us all to sleep.  Dude, we've been kidnapped!  (Al was in mental shock, Talya whined.) I forgot my iPod in the taxi!

Al: I think you iPod is the least of our worries.

Talya: Where are our bags?  If Jeff touches any of my costume-making stuff, I swear I'll—

Phillip: (His eyed fluttered and then she and Al knew he was awake.) You brought your costume-making stuff?  We are not making any more pit stops!

Talya: Well, I didn't know how long we'd be and I need to finish my costume before the costume party on Halloween! (She defended.)

Narrator: Al leaned against the wall, annoyed.  Then he got up and peered out the window.  They were on an island, he found, and he could just see a hint of where San Francisco was in the distance.

Al: I know where we are.

Talya: You do?

Phillip: Where are we?

Al: ...we're in Alcatraz.
Demigod Secret - Chapter X
At last! Chapter Ten! Hey, finally into the double digits! :D So, please let me know what you think of the story so far, I would like some concrit if you have any ;) I'll try to keep posting weekly ;)

Also guys, feel free to check out my group :icondemigodsecret: for an easier way to follow along! :)

[Al, Talya, Phillip, Larisa, Jet, Rina, Ty, Jeff (c) me
Venus, Bacchus, Cacus (c) Rick Riordan]

Link to previous chapter:…

Chapter XI:…

Cover Picture:…
  • Watching: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
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So, I accidentally didn't log onto deviantart since last summer I think it was--this hiatus was completely unplanned and I deeply apologize for this.  I'll try to get back to uploading regularly now that I have various spares this term in university.

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